Couture has talented territory managers that are happy to assist you in finding the perfect Couture product.

Your local representative is key in servicing your needs:


  • Alabama - OMG Marketing: Robin Barbaree + Delia Postell  [email:; Robin: 404.574.8340 Mobile; Delia: 706.587.0455 Mobile]
  • Arizona - Taryn Johnson  [email: ; mobile: 310.739.1348] / Abigail Simms [email: ; mobile: 602.531.5102]
  • California (Southern) -  

Taryn Johnson LA/Northern OC [email: ; telephone: 310.739.1348 Mobile]

Mara Rodriguez Southern OC (Laguna south) /San Diego/Riverside Counties[email:;  telephone: 949.292-6755 Mobile]

Susan Shaughnessy North, Central, SE Florida [email:; telephone:  772.708.5106 Mobile]

Samantha Drexelius SW Florida  [email:;  telephone:  716.949.6760 Mobile]

OMG Marketing:  Robin Barbaree + Delia Postell Florida Panhandle: Zip Codes: 323,324,325 [email:  OMGreps@gmail.comRobin:  404.574.8340 Mobile; Delia: 706.587.0455 Mobile]

Latin America + Caribbean:

If your state is not listed above, we do not have a territory manager in your area.  Our customer service dept. is happy to assist you directly:

Jennifer Hurn:  telephone:  888-213-9375 x1   email:

E-commerce customers:

Please contact our Sales department directly.  Couture does dropship products. However - we do have strict standards for acceptance, including approval of your site - and guidance for following our MAP pricing policy.  We do limit our exposure of new web customers to a handful every quarter.   

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